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Keep Your Skills Sharp During the Summer

Summer Development Program

Skill Development

The Summer Shooting Program was launched in May. If you or your player did not get a chance to download the tracker. Plenty of time to achieve your goal before the program ends in Sept. Check the link below:

Virtual Training Sessions

Monday 12:00 PM Basic & Intermediate Skills
Join Here: 
Meeting ID: 849 4082 6702
Password: mbtjune

Thursday 3:45 PM Advanced Skills
Join Here:

Meeting ID: 857 5399 0321
Password: mbtjune


Pursuit Fitness - Athlete Training

We are excited to partner with Pursuit Fitness and their MVP Program. This is a basketball specific strength, agility, plyometrics, and injury prevention program.

A phased system for maximum basketball fitness:
• Increase vertical and balance with lower body exercise
• Improve lateral speed and explosiveness with band resisted drills
• Build shooting and passing strength with upper body workouts
Athletic/Strength development is extremely important. Having a well-rounded athlete that have a solid foundation gives them a chance to take things to that "next" level.
This training is in person and these times are for MVBA players.
We have limited spots available and this will go fast. It will be the first 10 boys and girls for each grade, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th.

To sign up for the camp, please click on the following link: 

 and select “MVP Basketball”

Use Promo Code: PURSUITMVP
The camp dates will be in July and August.


Each of these programs have a goal of developing players mentality by providing a time for recap or situational and critical thinking challenges that will apply to the season, off-season and most importantly skills that they can apply to all parts of their life.

All these items are a part of the Summer Development Program and we are going to continue to add additional items to this list throughout the summer.

Example #1: We are going create "small" groups for players. The groups will be 3rd/4th graders, 5th/6th graders and 7th/8th graders.
Inside these groups there will be individual/ "team" challenges related to all the categories listed above.

Example #2: We will also be rolling out Hoops in the City. Really excited about this one, even if we cannot all get together in a gym or outside court, we will provide clues to parks across the MVBA designated area that we will be at. Until we can all get together the goal will be to find the park and complete the challenge.

We know this is a lot of information but to provide a general outlook about what the summer will look like we felt it best to get things in front of you now.
Please share this with your friends especially if you want to be in the camp with them.

Message us with questions and additional details.

Follow us @mvbabasketball on Facebook/Instagram for these items and more.

"Always be a student of the Game!"

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MVP Fitness Program

As an introduction into the MVP program we are offering 2 Free sessions for the MVP Camp. The free session dates will start July 13th and need to be completed by the 16th.


Level 1 (Ages 10-12) and Level 2 Girls (Ages 13-15) 4pm

Level 1 Boys (Ages 10-12) 5pm

Level 2 Boys (Ages 13-15) 6pm


Level 2 Girls (Ages 13-15) 5pm

Level 1 Boys (Ages 10-12) 6pm


Level 1 Girls (Ages 10-12) 5pm

Level 2 Boys (Ages 13-15) 6pm


Level 2 Boys (Ages 13-15) 5pm

Level 1 Boys (Ages 10-12) 5pm

Class details:

Basketball specific strength, agility, and plyometrics

>Dynamic Warmup 5 min

>Plyometrics Agility 15 min

>Strength 25 min

>Conditioning 10 min

>Post Chalk Talk 5 min


Covid guidelines:

1.Drop off will be in the Lobby front entrance

2. A checkin and sanitation station will be in the lobby for the kids to clean hands and change shoes.

3. Athletes will stay in the lobby until the previous class has exited through the back.

4. We ask all kids to bring a change of shoes for the gym.

5. All campers should bring their own water bottle, we have water stations6. After the class, all campers and staff will wipe down equipment used with sanitation wipes. Practicing good gym etiquette!

7. Once class is over campers will be directed to wash hands, and then exit through the back.

8. Pick up will be in the back, drive around the building!

Once again we want to ensure a great training environment, thank you for adapting to the new guidelines.

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MVBA Philosophy: Play, Compete, Learn

The Mounds View Basketball Association (MVBA) provides an opportunity for Boys & Girls to play, compete, and learn the game of basketball in an environment that emphasizes FUN, fundamentals, teamwork, sportsmanship, and development.

Although winning is fun, we believe winning is not an objective - 

Winning is an outcome of dedication and commitment to team, hard work, and constant learning.

Always be a student of the Game