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Basketball Camps & Training

2024 Spring Training

We are back, hopefully you all enjoyed the season. It is now time for us to kick off Spring Training.

MVBA will host Trainers that will lead Saturday Fundamental Camps. These camps will allow players that are starting brand new to basketball or challenge players that want to continue developing their skills and take them to the next level. 

If you believe your player is more advanced we will have drills that push them beyond their current skill level.

We are starting with K-6th grade Camps.

When: March 30th, April 6th,13th, 20th and 27th

May 4th, 11th, 18th 

Where: Chippewa Middle School


$85 per player K-3rd grade for all sessions

$100 per player 4th-6th grade for all sessions

Click the link for more specific details and to register.

Where: Chippewa

K – 1st  Clinic

When: 10am-10:55am 

Grades 2nd – 3rd  Clinic

When: 11am-11:55am

Grades 4th – 6th  Clinic

When: 12pm-1:45pm (There will be an introductory speed, plyometrics camp for 45 minutes. Each session will  be 90min and the group will be divided in half and will flip after 45min.) 

Registration is based on the player's current spring grade. 

2024 Summer Training



Summer Development: Summer should be all about development. When you put in the time and put in the work over the summer not only will it help develop your skills but it will also build confidence that you will see in growth when you step back on the court for the season. Development can't be random though so we have laid out a plan to help you with that work.


We are excited to launch our summer development package. 


Part #1 is Athleticism. This is a basketball-specific strength, agility, plyometrics, and injury prevention program. We will accomplish this work with Sessions at In Motion. 

  • This is a phased system for maximum basketball fitness:
    Increase vertical and balance with lower body exercise
    Improve lateral speed and explosiveness with band resisted drills
    ⚡️Build shooting and passing strength with upper body workouts

Athletic/Strength development is extremely important at this age. Beginning to develop muscle memory allows your player to become a well rounded athlete that has a solid foundation and gives them a chance to build on their skills and take their game to that "next" level.

  • The camp dates will be July, August, September at In Motion Fitness. 
  • After you enroll and pay for the Summer Development package you will receive a separate email to sign their waiver and schedule your player for the days and times that MVBA has pre purchased.

Part #2 Basketball Skill Development. Basketball skills (aka: fundamentals) are the basics of the game that help you no matter what level, team, or coach you play for. Like any sport, whether you're a professional athlete or a youth player just getting started, you need strong skills to be successful!

  • Training sessions with trainers from MVBA, PVR, etc... These sessions are for players that are just beginning their basketball journey or those that are looking to push themselves to see how far they can really grow!
    • These sessions will give your player many repetitions of Footwork, Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Defense,  Rebounding  
    • To develop skill you need a lot of "good" repetitions in practice settings, not games.     
    • Sessions will be held at the trainers facilities and local Mounds View School District schools and begin in July with dates through September.
    • After you enroll and pay for the Summer Development package you will receive a separate email to sign their waiver and schedule your player for the days and times that MVBA has pre purchased.
    • In general Mon-Thursday with session in both the AM and PM.
    • Registration explanation, If you buy a 10 session package, you will have access to both 10 session of basketball skills and 10 session of strength, speed, plyometrics, 20 session total. These are deeply discounted and we realize that you may not get to all session and the reason for the discount.


Other Training Opportunities

MN Heat Camps

Check here Spring basketball and summer camp/skills training opportunities put on by the MN Heat. 

Get Out and Play!