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Registration Scholarship Information

MVBA's Registration Scholarship Program

The 2021-2022 MVBA Registration Scholarship Program has ended. Look for information about the 2022-2023 Scholarship Program to arrive in July. 

Our goal is to allow every eligible child the opportunity to play basketball through the MVBA regardless if financial limitations. However, with limited funds we cannot accommodate all requests. Our MVBA Registration Scholarship Program provides a limited number of applicants a full or partial waiver of their registration fees. 

Please note, the scholarship only covers the registration fee. It does not cover additional costs of traveling basketball such as tournament fees, admissions, etc. ($400-$600 Per Player).

Since funding for the MVBA Registration Scholarship Program is limited, scholarships are awarded on a first come first served basis with preference to the Little Mustang and In-House Leagues. If scholarships remain after all Little Mustang and In-House scholarships have been awarded - traveling basketball applications will be considered.

Scholarship eligibility is based on whether or not the player's family qualifies for or participates in the free/reduced school lunch program.

If you have questions regarding MVBA's Registration Scholarship program, please contact Rob Isabel..