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Traveling: Boys & Girls, Grades 4-8

MVBA Traveling Basketball

Traveling Basketball Philosophy

The MVBA Traveling Program provides an opportunity for 4th-8th grade Boys and Girls to participate in a highly competitive environment against other area traveling teams. While MVBA expects its teams to be competitive, we view winning as an outcome not a goal.

Our goal is to emphasize teamwork, fundamental skill development, and sportsmanship to instill character skills like hard work, dedication, and perseverance in our youth.

Traveling Basketball offers players the opportunity to try out and play for A, B, and C level teams. Not all players trying out will make a traveling team. It is for those individuals with a commitment to developing their basketball skills and competing at a higher level.

Traveling Basketball is more time-intensive than In-House basketball. If your child is trying out for a traveling basketball team, please be aware that traveling basketball requires a minimum of 2 (90 to 120 Minute) practices weekly and up to 10 weekend tournaments during the season.

Traveling Basketball Commitment

MVBA expects traveling basketball to be a winter sports priority (i.e. MVBA Traveling basketball games and practices should take precedence over other winter sports). Players are expected to attend all practices and games and always display a team first attitude, exemplary sportsmanship, and respect for players, parents, and coaches

We recognize that family commitments, schoolwork, religion or similar activities should be a top priority for our children. Infrequent scheduling conflicts that arise from these priorities or an illness that causes a player to miss an occasional practice or a game, is certainly understandable. Players or parents are asked to notify coaches in advance of any scheduling conflicts.

If your child’s schedule requires an ongoing, regular commitment to another evening or weekend activity such as another athletic team, a school play, music lessons, volunteer work, etc., we suggest your child register for the MVBA In-House Program.

Traveling Basketball Summary

WHO: Girls and Boys 4th-8th Graders who reside or attend school in the Mounds View High School attendance area as identified by the Mounds View school district.  

WHAT: MVBA Traveling Basketball Program is a competitive league with A, B, and C level teams (depending on participation numbers) that play in Twin City area traveling tournaments.

  • Teams - The actual size and number of traveling teams the MVBA supports depends on the number and skill level of interested boys or girls at each grade level (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th).

REGISTRATION: Registration and payment is available online only. Registration usually pens around mid July. Participants must be registered prior to tryouts, no exceptions.

TRYOUTS: Traveling tryouts are held in September. Boys & Girls tryout separately, per age group. Each day’s tryout is approximately 1 hour long. Click here for Traveling Try-Out specifics (dates, times, and locations).

All traveling team placement decisions are final. Depending on tryout numbers, not everyone will make a traveling team. Players who do not make a traveling team have the option to play in the In-House league. Please let us know if your player will not participate in the In-House Program. 

PRACTICES: Practice begins in late October and are held at Mounds View area schools. Depending on gym time, expect 2 (90-120 Minute) practices per week.

TOURNAMENTS: The tournament season is 8-10 games beginning in November and ending with the state tournament in March (4th Grade traveling will play in less tournaments and often 1 day events). Out of town and State tournament participation is optional and up to each coach/team. Travel to tournaments is not provided by the MVBA. Expect 3-5 games during a tournament weekend. Games are often Fridays through Sundays and held at various tournament sites throughout the Twin Cities and possibly 1 to 2 outside of the Twin Cities (i.e., St. Cloud).

The decision to play in various traveling tournaments is based on reciprocity, scheduling, talent level, and past team/parent feedback. It is impossible to create a tournament schedule that makes every family happy, but we'll do our best and always appreciate your honest feedback about the tournaments selected.

HOW MUCH: There are several fees/costs are associated with Traveling Basketball. Traveling Basketball Registration fee is $175. This is the only fee until the player is assigned to a team. The MVBA offers a limited number of Registration Scholarships each year. Find additional Registration Scholarship information here.


Tournament Fee - Approximately $250 - $350 is paid at start of season for team tournament entry fees. The exact tournament fee depends on number of tournaments, each tournament’s fees, and number of players on the team. All Tournament fees must be paid online prior to the first tournament for player eligibility.

MV Tournament Volunteer/Uniform Fee - A $200 volunteer/uniform  fee check must be submitted to the MVBA prior to the first tournament for player eligibility. If the player’s parent, guardian, or proxy, provides 4-hours of volunteer time at the MVBA tournament in February (such as at concession stand) and the uniform is returned  - the Volunteer/Uniform fee check is returned (destroyed). If volunteer time is not fulfilled or the uniform is not returned at the end of the season , the check will be cashed. 

Paid Coach Fee - If an approved volunteer coach cannot be found, a paid coach will be hired for a team. Half the cost is covered by the MVBA and the other half is paid by the team (approximately $180 per player).

Tournament Spectator Costs – Each tournament’s fees and policies are different. Expect a $5-$10 entrance fee charged for each spectator on each day of each tournament.

MVBA Basketball Code of Conduct

Upon registration (during the registration process) all parents and players must electronically sign the MVBA Basketball Code of Conduct. See below for a copy of the MVBA Basketball Code of Conduct: