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MVBA Traveling Tryouts


Boys & Girls try-out separately by their grade in a predetermined GRADE POD. Each POD will have a tryout location and time. Pods will be announced on the MVBA website by 9PM  on Friday, September 18, 2020. Each day’s try-out is 60-90 minutes long.

Getting Ready for Try-Out Day: As we hit the courts for try-outs, we ask that players arrive prepared and ready to play. Here is a quick try-out checklist. Please note that there are multiple changes to the normal process due to COVID.

  1. All players participating in try-out must be registered prior to the tryouts, no exceptions.
  2. Players must wear a mask into and out of the building/gym.
  3. Players must come dressed appropriately for basketball and bring a white (light) and black (dark) shirt with no numbers.
  4. At check in players will be given 2 stickers (Each day) with a unique number to use on their light and dark shirts during scrimmages. Due to COVID, we will not be using pennies as in year’s past. 
  5. Players should bring their own basketball. If players do not have their own ball, once can be provided for the tryout and disinfected at the end of the session.
  6. Players should bring a water bottle or beverage/sports drink.
  7. Players should be on site 10 minutes early (both days) to get checked in. Check in with the onsite volunteers who will have the roster for try-outs based on the online registration. Note that no players will be allowed into the school until the prior group has cleared. Players should continue to wear a mask and line up by the sign that indicates their PODS.
  8. Get ready to have fun, do your best, and play hard.

Parents are welcome to stay and wait in their car or outside the building. However, parents are NOT allowed in the school to participate in, watch, or wait during the try-outs.

MVBA Traveling Basketball Try-Out Summary

WHO: Boys & Girls, grades 4-8 who reside or attend school in the Mounds View High School attendance area as identified by the Mounds View school district. 

WHEN: Traveling Tryouts are held in September.  

WHERE: Chippewa Middle School

WHAT: MVBA Traveling Basketball Program is a competitive league with A, B, and C level teams (depending on participation numbers) that play in Twin City area traveling tournaments.

  • Teams - The actual size and number of traveling teams the MVBA supports depends on the number and skill level of interested boys or girls at each grade level (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th).

MVBA's COVID-19 Plan - Return Policy - FAQs

Tryout Specifics

Player evaluations are based on individual basketball skills (shooting, dribbling, passing with both left and right hand), effort/hustle, coach-ability and ability to play offensively and defensively as a team. Our evaluators run the players through a series of skill drills and game situation scrimmages. Registered players that do not show up for tryouts without contacting the MVBA - will automatically be placed on an In-House team. 

All players are expected to try-out both days. In cases where a player cannot try-out because of a documented injury or any other unavoidable extreme circumstances, but is expected back in time for the season, the player must notify the MVBA prior to tryouts and MVBA will use our sole discretion in placing that player on a team and may use any prior year information it deems suitable.  A player that does not try-out due to an injury may not move up in division (example: an injured player from last year's white team that cannot tryout may only be placed on the white or black team). 

A non-injured player who fully participated in try-outs will have priority over a player who was unable to participate in try-outs in those cases when the players are deemed “equal” in the evaluation process.

The Evaluators: The MVBA uses fully independent evaluators that do not have a child in the MVBA basketball program. They as a team evaluate the players and select the teams. All evaluators have been involved in youth basketball for many years with playing and/or coaching experience at multiple levels including AAU, high school or college.

Parents are not allowed in the gym during try-outs and MVBA board members are not allowed in the gym during their child's try-out session.

Team Placement: All traveling team placement decisions are final. Depending on try-out numbers, not everyone will make a traveling team. Players who do not make a traveling team have the option to play in the In-House league. Please let us know if your player will not participate in the In-House Program.

Team Announcement: We understand every player is anxious to find which team they will be playing on. We work diligently to communicate the Traveling Teams withing 7 days of the tryouts.

We appreciate everyone's assistance in helping us run a smooth and efficient try-out for the players.