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Coaches Corner

Trusted Coaches

The MVBA is proud to partner with the Trusted Coaches organization to help us ensure all head coaches receive:

  • Comprehensive background check
  • Concussion training
  • First aid training
  • Positive coaching direction

We want your child to have the best and safest basketball experience possible.  

Mounds View Basketball Coaching Philosophy

We are fortunate to have a two varsity head coaches that truly care about how our MVBA coaches approach teaching basketball and inspiring our players. Below are some coaching philosophy notes from MV Basketball Head Head Coaches Dave Leiser and Ashlie Anzel:

We're Always Looking for Great Coaches!

Traveling, In-house, and Little Mustangs, Boys and Girls

We are currently taking applications for (Boys & Girls) Traveling, In-house, and Little Mustang coaches. All interested coaching applicants please read the MVBA Coaching Expectations and submit an application as follows:

Complete the application, save a copy, and email your application to lmanecke@comcast.netQuestions, contact Lori Manecke, MVBA Coaching Selection Director (612) 251-9912.  If you completed an application last year, you may modify that one as needed, update the year and resubmit it.

  • Candidate interviews for Traveling coaches will take place mid September on an as needed basis.
  • Candidate interviews for Little Mustang and In-House coaches will take place in early October and only on an as needed basis.